An Inspirational Story
From The Man With 9 Lives

"A tale of persistence through adversity."
Luke Ball – retired AFL player
"Will make you live your life to the fullest!"
Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy
"You'll find courage you never knew you had."
Dr. Lancaster – General Practitioner

Andy's Story:

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Recent Rave Reviews

Dr. Mary-Anne Lancaster

Andy's Doctor

"In my role as General Practitioner, I see stories of courage, hope, despair and tragedy. They involve people like you and me who, through no fault of their own, have been faced with the impossible. Andrew's illness has taken him through a journey of miraculous highs and cavernous lows. His story is an inspiration because he has overcome life threatening illness armed with no more skills than what you and I have. He isn't famous, he isn't rich, but he is a testament to the strength of human nature when faced with incredible adversity and tells each and every one of us that no matter what, you keep going and you keep fighting. You might come out a bit battered and bruised but you come out knowing you found courage you never thought you had, optimism that you thought was hidden and hope that you thought was dead. That is Andrew's story."

Travis Bell

The World's #1 Bucket List Expert

"I've known Andy for a number of years and I interviewed him at one of my recent events and he left everyone completely bloody motivated. He left everyone with a sense of how to live their life to the fullest. The stories and the stuff he's been through will no doubt leave you with a real sense of “go for it while you still can”. It's an unbelievable read, it will bring up all sorts of emotion within you but at the end of the day I would definitely, definitely read this story."

Luke Ball

Retired Professional AFL Player

"A tale of persistence through adversity, coping with setback after setback, to the point of self-enlightenment and the realisation that sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands; especially when it comes to your own health. Fed up with filling his body with pills and other prescribed chemicals that were making this naturally fit and active guy feel lousy, Andy took his health into his own hands. The details of how he did so provide a great guide for all of us who have experienced a desire to live better."

Danielle Corelli

"Andy's story is inspiring. I couldn't help asking, 'how can one individual get knocked down so many times yet others don't?' Andy helped me wake up and realize how every day really is a blessing. I have the power to make the best out of each day. To make good positive choices and be an inspiring role model for my children, my husband, my family, my friends."

Anthony Goldsmith

"An awesome, powerful and inspiring book. Andy has a way of connecting to the readers right away. Your positive attitude truly shines. For those struggling against the odds, this book offers tremendous inspiration and hope. It is a privilege to call you my friend."

Jameson Detweiler

Founder of Launchrock

Jameson reveals the "coming soon" landing page design that has attracted over 7 million opt-ins...and has been proven to work in over 100 different industries. See chapter 5.

Sam Cawthorn

International Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

Sam Cawthorn is paid over $10,000 for a one hour speech by the biggest companies in the world. Gets flown internationally to speak on large stages. In this book, Sam uncovers his signature method for telling a story that sells. See chapter 4.


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Sneak Preview

MeetAndy Zagami

Within a week of birth, Andrew Zagami had to undergo life threatening brain surgery.

At the age of 21, Andy was diagnosed with testicular cancer which subsequently required chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. In the years that followed he took his health into his own hands with the realisation that there are alternative methods to treating oneself instead of relying on chemicals and medicines.

Throughout his many treatments, Andy never stopped training clients simply because of his love for what he does. He now aims to help as many people as possible to have the best health of their life. Whether it's to prevent a disease or to reverse the side effects be they physical or psychological.

Since then, he has become a Nutritional Therapist and mBIT (Multiple Brain Integrated Technologies) coach so he can assist his clients on a deeper level.

Following on from this book, Andy will be facilitating Health Retreats and workshops to help support people and take their health to the next level.

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